Case Study

Case Study: Herschel Supply Co.

Case Study Case Study: Herschel Supply Co.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Herschel Supply Co. is a design driven global accessories brand. Their products range from stylish headwear to functional totes and travel gear. Since being established in 2009, Herschel has grown from zero distributors to over 5,000 across 50 countries in less than five years.

Herschel’s quick growth meant they had a large audience to satisfy in a short period of time. Their customers loved their bags and accessories, but Herschel wanted to go beyond products—they wanted to build an aspirational lifestyle brand. Drawing inspiration from other top publishers and brands, Herschel developed both a blog and a print publication to deliver travel, design and lifestyle content that would resonate with their ideal readers—stylish travelers who are curious about unique local cultures and passionate about discovering new destinations.

With their blog and print publication already on the go, Herschel contacted Quietly to provide a clear content strategy, and help expand their international presence with unique, exclusive stories that would set Herschel’s brand apart from competitors. To achieve this, Quietly sourced writers from around the world to keep Herschel’s stories authentic, engaging and relevant to Herschel’s audience. In total, Quietly found writers from 10 countries including Finland, Sri Lanka, Mexico and Australia, among others, to produce content based on Quietly’s extensive competitive search and social media research. This information helped determine relevant topics and geographic regions where these topics were most popular so that Herschel could stand out in the highly competitive travel lifestyle landscape.

For example, Quietly’s strategic team noticed that search terms related to design, travel and backpacks were more popular in Singapore than anywhere else, which indicated that Herschel’s content would be an excellent fit for readers in the Southeast Asian city-state. With this insight, Herschel published targeted stories such as “Local Perspective: Singapore” and “City Limitless: Singapore”, both of which are now among Herschel’s top 25 most popular stories of all time.

Quietly also found that traffic from the Canadian city of Winnipeg spiked significantly after Herschel had published “City Limitless: Winnipeg”. With further research, Quietly realized that lesser-known destinations were popular among readers. Based on this insight, Herschel published “Western Europe’s Best-Kept Secrets”, “Northern Lights” and “The Magic of Hornby Island”, all three of which are among Herschel’s top 10 most viewed stories of all time.

Through a combination of a flexible and extensive writer network and strong, data-driven insights, Quietly helped Herschel strengthen their tastemaker status with unique, on-brand and in-demand stories.

“Having a small in-house marketing team we engaged Quietly to help expand our output of lifestyle content. The results have been wonderful. Content strategies, written stories and performance insights that are all on-brand and relevant to our seasonal focus. We appreciate the expertise and professionalism their team brings to the table.”

Allison Butula, Marketing Manager at Herschel Supply Co.

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