Case Study

Case Study: Indochino

Case Study Case Study: Indochino

Indochino is one of the world’s top made-to-measure menswear brands, founded in 2007 and featured in the likes of GQ, Fast Company and Forbes. With seven showrooms and counting in cities such as New York, Toronto, Vancouver and San Francisco (and plans to grow to 150 locations), Indochino has become the go-to destination for their custom suits, expert tailoring and innovative online retail experience.

Indochino was well aware of the importance of content marketing, particularly in the fashion and e-commerce space and they turned to Quietly to effectively define, segment and produce a consistent stream of data-driven content from month to month.

Indochino teamed up with Quietly to help them identify what content would resonate best with their target audience and the keywords their prospective customers were searching for.

Analyzing search data for every 30-day period and comparing that to historical data allowed Quietly to identify high interest, evergreen topics as well as timely and seasonal topics to angle stories around.

When Quietly analyzed search trends for relevant fashion keywords, we discovered that when searching for suits, blazers and tuxedos, people will look for specific details, either identifying the colour or style of the piece or the occasion for which it will be worn (e.g. white blazer, wedding tuxedo, slim fit suit, etc.). For example, occasions and dress codes such as “business casual” or “black tie” see an average of 201,000 and 14,800 monthly searches respectively.

This data revealed that Indochino’s target audience wasn’t sure what was appropriate to wear for different occasions and were looking for resources online to guide them when making outfit decisions. This led to Quietly creating stories such as “What to Wear to a Job Interview” and “The Rise of the ‘Cool Dad’: How to Upgrade Your Dad Style”, which are two of their top 10 most shared stories of all time.

Additionally, Quietly found that Indochino’s audience was unfamiliar with the technical terminology assigned to specific types of suits and their various components (e.g. button-down collar and pant breaks). To address this search data, Quietly created educational suit guides for Indochino that broke down the basics of formal menswear from top to bottom, explaining the different components and what functions they serve. For example, Quietly created “6 Simple Dress Shirt Hacks”, “Everything You Need to Know About the Button-Down Collar” and “Pants Basics: Pleats, Hems, and Breaks” which were also three of their top 10 most shared stories of all time.

The goal of tapping into Indochino’s audience’s desire to learn more about menswear was realized by introducing written content that focused on delivering maximum value to readers, while also being SEO-driven. As a result, over the course of eight months, Indochino saw more than double the amount of search traffic (2.19 times, to be exact) on a monthly basis. Additionally, Indochino has seen a 28% increase in average monthly pageviews and a 20% increase in unique users on their blog. To top it all off, eight of Indochino’s most viewed stories of all time were created by Quietly.

  • Jacket Basics: 3 Types of Lapels” was published on March 27, and became Indochino’s most organically viewed story in 2015.
  • 6 Simple Dress Shirt Hacks” was published on September 25, and became Indochino’s second most shared story of all time on social media, as well as the sixth most organically viewed story in 2015.

With Quietly’s help, Indochino has become not only the premier place for tailored suits, but also for tailored content.

“Quietly provides so much value in addition to their excellent content—managing writers, providing detailed insights on content performance, suggested content, keyword strategy and more. They helped to scale up our output and tailor our content to the interests of our audience seamlessly and much more quickly than we ever could have done without them.”

Joni McKervey, Managing Editor at Indochino

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