Case Study

Case Study: OfficeSpace

Case Study Case Study: OfficeSpace

OfficeSpace Software is a highly effective facilities management software that creates, records, tracks and administers everything in the office. From move, space and request management, to visual directories, actionable reporting, analytics and resource tracking, this software handles every facet of facilities management. Their services and support for office and facilities managers boast recommendations from multiple clients, including PetSmart, Young & Rubicam Group and Toronto Public Health, to name a few.

With any B2B company, a healthy sales funnel is essential to success—and OfficeSpace is no exception. With several search-optimized blog stories already published, OfficeSpace understood the importance of content as part of their marketing strategy. However, OfficeSpace was looking to improve their search engine rankings and establish their brand as an industry thought leader, which would ultimately lead to a greater number of product demos and conversions.

To achieve these goals, OfficeSpace collaborated with Quietly to create blog stories that would best speak to professionals in the facilities management industry. Quietly’s strategy team cross referenced social, search and competitor data to craft stories that not only resonated with facilities management professionals, but were also search optimized and differentiated from other publishers in the landscape. This ensured that OfficeSpace’s blog would be useful, original and discoverable.

For example, our research noted that despite a low volume for search terms around company culture, stories about innovative companies like Facebook and Google were extremely popular and performed well on social networks. Based on this insight, Quietly produced “Here’s What Makes Facebook’s HQ Design and Workplace So Attractive”, which earned 21% of OfficeSpace’s shares in the month it was published, and is still among their most shared stories of the past year.

Once these stories were published, our strategy team used various analytics platforms to evaluate content performance and identify topics that resonated with readers. In particular, using Quietly’s own proprietary analytics software allowed the strategy team to pull insights from data sources as granular as individual paragraphs.

Using the scroll-depth data from Quietly’s own analytics, our strategists noticed that OfficeSpace’s audiences tend to spend more time closer to the top of blog story pages. To better serve these audiences, we recommended and implemented calls to action closer to the top of the page, as well as more summary features (such as large quotes, graphs and headers) towards the end of each post.

The results of OfficeSpace’s engagement with Quietly speak for themselves—since working with Quietly over the past six months, OfficeSpace has increased their monthly pageviews by 127%, doubled their top-ranked SEO keywords and tripled the number of demos generated by the blog. Not convinced? Just see what OfficeSpace’s audience has to say about their blog:

  • This is a great article. Work flexibility is what most of us want in our job, specially those who are part of the Millennials. Office space design is one of the factors for optimum creativity and productivity output from the employees. It’s great that many companies are now applying some changes in the way they want to be viewed by their employees and clients by incorporating changes that suits their preferences.”
  • These are some excellent ideas. Putting in a little extra effort can really help offices become much more sustainable places. It can really help save money as well as motivate employees to go green!”
  • Excellent article – used OfficeSpace to help us create and perfect our new offices. We were able to use our footprint to place the same amount of employees in 10,000 less space.”
  • “I like this post because in my job with the IIT Industrial Technology and Management program (INTM), I work with students looking to go into Facilities Management. Our program is a Transfer program, requiring technical credits from community colleges that will count toward earning a Bachelors degree. Many students work and/or have skills and training in HVAC, electronic controls, electrical installations, and machine operations. When they consider coming to INTM, I’m always looking for good ways to explain to them what it means to make the next step toward management. Thanks for providing this. I hope I can use it as a resource.”

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