Case Study

Case Study: Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

Case Study Case Study: Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

Combining the world’s most prestigious real estate brand with local market knowledge and specialized marketing expertise, Sotheby’s International Realty Canada (SIRC) is the leading real estate sales and marketing company for the country’s most exceptional properties. With offices in over 30 residential and resort markets nationwide, the firm provides a local and international marketing platform and sales network that spans over 65 countries to manage the real estate portfolios of discerning clients from around the world.

SIRC engaged Quietly in 2016 to create data-driven content  highlighting key markets and regions, including Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto, for Insight Digital, its corporate blog.

Research quickly showed that regional differences went far beyond taste, evidenced by the search habits of prospective SIRC customers. For example, popular searches for cottages and vacation homes concentrated in eastern provinces such as Ontario and Quebec. Upon further research, we found that the Muskoka region in Ontario had experienced an increase in Canadian searches by over 35%, making it the fastest growing vacation home area in Canada. We recommended that Sotheby’s create a neighbourhood guide to supplement their listings in the area and have it published before the annual search increase in the summer months. The result was Weekend Getaway: 72 Hours in Muskoka, their most viewed neighbourhood guide to date.

Our analysts also noticed a high percentage of related searches around the terms “dream homes” and “dream cottages”. In order to capitalize on this consumer behaviour as well as interest in cottages, we created Dream Homes: Cottage Country, which focused on areas with SIRC properties that had high search interest in the topic. This story is the sixth most shared and fifth most viewed blog post of 2016.

Finally, our content strategists also noted the overwhelming popularity of listicles and round-ups from top publications in the real estate landscape. Combining this insight with search trends around the movement towards sustainable homes, we created Dream Homes: Five Beautiful Eco-Friendly Residences, the fourth most viewed blog post of 2016.

Six months and 40 data-driven stories into the partnership, Quietly has helped SIRC increase organic search as an inbound channel by 34%, all while retaining readers 41% longer on pages through engaging content.

Quietly’s professionalism, commitment to delivering high-quality work on deadline, strong project/client management skills, and ability to get up-to-speed on our business is impressive and greatly appreciated. They are a strong, high-performing agency partner for our content marketing initiatives.

Elaine Hung, Vice President, Marketing, Sotheby’s International Real Estate Canada

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