Hiring in the 21st century

Welcome to the digital age of the employment market. Nowadays, the job application process requires more than your standard resume and cover letter package. Recruiters are driven to usher in new hiring practices to appeal to the new generation by revamping traditional job seeking processes with creativity and interactivity. For creative and digital fields in particular, recruiters need to speak the language of those rockstar candidates they want to work with. At Quietly, we conducted a worldwide search for a superstar Content Curator intern, and along the way, we learned a lot about how to discover and acquire top-notch talent in the 21st century.


1. Make a good first (and lasting) impression

Social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook are integral tools for scoping out applicants’ online presence. It’s also important to be aware that candidates will also be watching you on these channels, looking for a representation of your company culture and what they would expect from employment with you.

With this in mind, make sure to leave a positive first (and lasting) impression by being accessible and engaging on your company’s social media networks. Showcase your organization’s unique personality and ensure that they are equally displayed throughout social media, job postings, and other web content you share. In our case, we remixed our Content Curator job posting into the form of a Quietly list (of course), tailoring the advertisement to capture the attention of students and recent graduates. When job seekers have endless options just a click away, your company has to stand out.

2. Be personable

As an employer, you may be sifting through hundreds upon hundreds of resumes per week, but when you have selected a few stand-out applicants for further consideration, it’s important to let them know that their efforts in the application process haven’t gone unnoticed. By showing candidates that you have been listening and are open to communicating with them, you’re indicating to them that they would also be valued and recognized for their work at your company. Give the generic response templates a twist by adding a personalized touch to every correspondence, from follow-up emails to inquiries.

At Quietly, we are always seeing both job seekers and users creating cool lists and we love to give them props (through social media and through email) when props are due. Pay attention to those who constantly converse and inquire (by asking for clarification and asking questions) as this can be an indication of just how hyped they are. And from the responses you receive, you can get a sense of their attitude, personality, and eagerness. Ultimately, when it comes to potential employees, you should look for someone who will click with, and be an essential member of, the team.

3. Spot the stories

Find those candidates who have taken time to amplify their application by crafting out their “personal brand” through dynamic online portfolios. The supplementary stuff (the extra bits, the special skills, the quirks) are what recruiters also need to pay attention to, for these are often the telling signs of who your key candidates are.

We invited a group of our Quietly applicants to create an enhanced resume and portfolio in the form of a Quietly list. From this activity, we saw who could tell a narrative of their work history—showing the beginning (their roots), illustrating the middle (a timeline with examples of their work, to demonstrate what they did and what they learned, along with what they’re good at and what they’d like to discover), and finishing with the end (how they’d like to grow professionally along with their career aspirations)—and got a better sense of who these candidates are and what they are passionate about.

4. See who thinks outside of the box

Initiative is important in today’s job market. Employers want people who will bring new ideas to the table. Candidates who take initiative without prompting will propel themselves to have the edge over other applicants, as they are already showing and bringing in value.

We sent applicants out on list-making missions to test their abilities when using the product, engaging them in the tasks they would be responsible for as a Content Curator. This fun challenge allowed us to see who the most forward-thinking, innovative, and interactive candidates were. This was important as these were the qualities we look for in Quietly employees. It’s not enough to rely on competent candidates—you have to look out for those contenders who aren’t afraid to step up from the pack, those who believe in what you do, those who can become a champion for your company, and those who work to be memorable. Those who reach out, stand out.

We hope these tips will lead you to the discovery of a tier of top talent for your team!

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