How skyscrapers drive traffic to your blog

A few weeks back, I came across this blog post on improving blog traffic by Brian Dean of Backlinko, and my first thought was “wow.”

What caught my attention wasn’t just the fact that he was able to increase his blog traffic by 110 percent in just two weeks, but, rather, was the fact that he was able to so clearly document it, with examples, comparisons, case studies, resources and all.

What’s more is that the method he prescribed wasn’t some salesy “gain traffic now!” type of pitch. It wasn’t some hocus-pocus technology that would simply make your blog more popular either. Rather, it was a spin on the adage of “work smarter, not harder.” Brian’s Skyscraper technique essentially says “work hard and work smart,” then goes on to explain how to do it.

The Skyscraper technique is based on a simple observation. When looking at any city skyline, which building stands out? Most often it’s the tallest building that we notice first. So what do you do if you want to make a building that tops the tallest skyscraper? You add more floors.

That’s what the Skyscraper technique is all about. In three steps:

  1. Find the content in your niche that has a proven track record.
  2. Make it (much) better.
  3. Hustle and promote to people who care about your content.

Sounds simple? In theory, it is. But to make your content perform, the hard work is really needed in each of these steps. If you have some time, read through Brian’s original blog post for some great insight on generating traffic. If you don’t, here’s a brief summary:

The Skyscraper Technique: Drive Serious Traffic

By Carlin Leung

Good content is just that. It's content. It won't sell itself. To make it produce results, you need to work hard for it. Brian Dean's Skyscraper Technique makes your content drive serious traffic.

  • "What's this Skyscraper Technique?"

    By Carlin Leung

    The Skyscraper Technique calls for you to find the best & brightest blogs in your niche, use that as a starting point to create better content & promote your content to the right people.

  • Step 1: Find Link-worthy Content

    By Carlin Leung

    Making assumptions rarely works out, so why make assumptions about your audience? Find the best blogs in your niche. If a blog is #1, they've probably done something right. Learn from them.

  • Key Takeaway: Some Useful Tools

    By Carlin Leung

    To help find the best blogs in your niche, use tools like [Flippa]( to find highly-viewed pages, [Wikipedia]( to find credible sources or even [Reddit]( to find the top links in any given niche.

  • Step 2: Make Something Even Better

    By Carlin Leung

    People are attracted to the best, plain & simple. So how do you get to the people? You have to beat out the best. Once you've found the best blog in your niche, make yours better.

  • Key Takeaway: Pick an Aspect & do it Better

    By Carlin Leung

    Find the best blog & improve on it. Be more thorough, design it better or write better; whatever it is, even the best posts will have room for improvement.

  • Step 3: Reach out to the Right People

    By Carlin Leung

    The truth is, few things sell themselves, and your content likely doesn't. If you really want to drive content, you need to identify the people who love your content & will share it. 

  • Key Takeaway: Think Outside the Box

    By Carlin Leung

    Find people outside your niche who are also passionate on your topic. They're as likely to share as a thought leader on your topic, but they're likely not considered by others in your niche.

Image: Sakeeb Sabakka/Flickr

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