The best podcasts for content marketers

Content is king and a new medium may be in line for the throne: podcasts.

Covering niche content, podcasts—digital, episodic radio shows available 24/7—can be about anything, ranging from humor (WTF with Marc Maron) to narrative (Welcome to the Nightvale) to long-form journalism (This American Life). A study by Edison shares that 38 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly; that number is only rising.

Podcasts have existed for decades—then known as “audioblogging”—but the term first came about in a 2004 Guardian article. Thanks to the success of Serial, podcasts have been on tons of publishers and content marketers’ minds on how to create and monetize them and have been popping up in unexpected categories.  Most interestingly, business people and marketers are turning to podcasts for industry education in order to stay informed and up-to-date on their industry.

Why do people choose podcasts? There’s a myriad of reasons. For one, podcasts are the most time-efficient educational resource. They are available to listen to whenever with your mobile device (or desktop, but the future lies in mobile) for as long as you want. Some are upwards of an hour, some are less than 10 minutes. Whether you’re on a coffee run, on your morning commute or working on other projects in the office, podcasts free up your attention and are often thought to create more intimacy than general listicles. Plus, they’re free and there’s nothing content marketers and human beings love more than free things.

With business education podcasts on the rise, we thought we’d gather up the best podcasts for content marketers. These podcasts talk about marketing, social media, writing, email best practices and even technology. Below are 10 podcasts we recommend to our fellow content marketers to stay in the loop.

Happy listening!

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