Looking for Inspiration? Here Are 6 Ways to Source Content

For content creators and content marketers, the everlasting flow of content can be a daunting thing to upkeep as the content must keep interest, relevance and be entertaining. It’s a little exhausting.

So  when you feel exhausted using your old-reliable brainstorming methods, here are a few tips to help you source content ideas.

Get by with a Little Help from Your Friends

Unless you are a one-man or one-woman content creating machine, you’ll want to rely on your company’s staff, co-workers, talented friends, etc. for inspiration to create compelling content. Ask them to write a guest post or ask to interview them as to share a relevant story about the industry or the job. If you are a one-person shop, reach out to your networking contacts and to fellow sites for a story.

News & Social Media Aggregator Sites

Sites like Reddit and Pinterest (even Tumblr) are great for inspiring content because fans from across the world post great content on the sites. Look at what’s popular, trending or what’s in sub-threads or searches to find something that inspires you.


A second opinion from journalists, bloggers, editors, or the big guns in your field can give you an edge on topics in the industry. Reach out to them through email, Twitter, Tumblr, wherever. Maybe even look to expert interviews from other sources and dissect what is being said.

In Partners We Trust

Have any business partners or business friends related to your brand? Interview them. Create a case study of what they are doing especially effectively. Rely on them for a broader scope. For example, Quietly interviewed 5bys’ Greg Isenberg about the state of content curation.

Multimedia Content

Mix up the regular bulks of text and consider adding more visual flair. After all, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. A story told through gifs maybe, or a Top Ten Quietly slideshow. If you or a friend is talented with multimedia, ask them to create an infograph or video with screenshots. Visual content can go a long way to breaking up the minutia of regular content. Like, isn’t this more appealing?

Examine Trends

Disagree with the latest development in your industry? I sure have. One of the best ways to source new content is to become a voracious reader or your industry. Set up a Google Alerts, subscribe to all the best blogs on your RSS Feed and make sure to read competitors. Talk about the industry and these trends.

6 Ways to Inspire Content from These Sources

By Emily E. Steck

Spacing on new content ideas? Need to feel inspired. Here are six ideas and places to look to jump start content.

  • Dissect Current Trends

    By Emily E. Steck

    Read everything that is published about your industry. Agree, disagree, take no side—just write about it. Predict future trends, discuss why past ones have failed. Write longer posts.

  • Multimedia Content

    By Emily E. Steck

    Mix it up. Create more visual content by using internet favorite gifs, emojis or Quietly lists or videos that explain things. It offers more exposure and the chance to be creative.

  • Ask A Business Partner

    By Emily E. Steck

    Ask someone who works in a business that works closely with yours for an interview or the chance to write a guest post. It offers another perspective.

  • Look to Aggregate Sites

    By Emily E. Steck

    Sites like Reddit, Pinterest & Tumblr have users find great content and post/pin/reblog them. Look in those subreddits, searches, pins and tags for inspiration. 

  • Find an Expert

    By Emily E. Steck

    Be bold; reach out to an expert journalist, blogger, business owner or editor that covers the industry on social media. Ask for their opinion. Even a Twitter reply can be construed as an interview.

  • Use Your Network

    By Emily E. Steck

    Reach out to coworkers, business friends, talented friends and anyone else in your network for ideas, interviews, collaboration. Two heads>one head.

Image Credit: Hartwig HKD via Flickr

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