Year in review: 2015 was a quiet year for content marketing

2015 came, 2015 went. Sure, there were fireworks on New Year’s Eve, but we have to agree with Rachel Parker’s Content Marketing Podcast: 2015 was a “quiet year” for content marketing.

In retrospect, there were few game changers this year in the world of content marketing. If anything, 2015 was the year content marketers reaped the benefits of bigger budgets. Approximately 33 percent of marketers cited a lack of budgetary funds as their major concern for 2015, according to a Contently survey. That changed in 2015, as B2B companies dedicated 28 percent of their total marketing budget to content marketing, while B2C companies allocated 32 percent of their marketing budget to content.

To sum up the year in content marketing? Quietly—yet massively—growing (not unlike us!). Still, there’s plenty to talk about. We’ve searched high and low for the biggest news, stories, and trends that covered content marketing this year. From video to podcasting to Mobilegeddon, here’s our year in review for 2015.

The “golden age” of multimedia content

Are we in the golden age of content or just on the cusp? Whatever age we’re in, we’re just beginning to tap into video, which clearly dominated the conversation and content consumption this year. This infographic from Hubspot shows just how much it’s infiltrated our content consumption: 78 percent of people watch videos online every week and 55 percent watch videos online every day; 81 percent of brand websites feature videos; and 52 percent of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content that delivers the best ROI. And then, there’s the controversy of Facebook vs. YouTube, which is a battle that only begun in 2015. According to some YouTubers, Facebook is essentially stealing billions of views (known as “freebooting”) from YouTube. Add the rise of live streaming video apps integrated with social media—like Meerkat and Twitter’s Periscope—and video really did dominate, destroy, and kill it this year.

This year, brands also sought other content forms and distribution channels: most notably podcasts. The current age of podcasting has been crowned the “golden age of podcasting” by many. Even brands are jumping in on the phenomenon; General Electric’s sci-fi podcast The Message has dominated the iTunes charts. As Fast Co. reports, “the brand wanted to add a podcast to its already formidable collection of brand content and storytelling, not just because the medium has taken off, but also to challenge itself to tell a story that wouldn’t be copying what everyone else is doing.”

Who runs the world? Google and Facebook

This was also the year of “Mobilegeddon” in which Google penalized sites that were not optimized for mobile. The result affected nearly 60 percent of websites on the internet as web designers and developers optimized for mobile. The lesson of the story? Tech giants make the rules of the world; we just live in it.

Which brings us to another growing trend of the year, in which content marketers learned that they had to “pay to play.” This is to say, content marketers had to invest money into distribution channels that otherwise worked successfully for their brands in years prior. In particular, Facebook began to fail marketers, organically reaching only 2 percent of users on some pages. Thanks to a renewed interest in distribution, the “pay to play” strategies popularized sponsored and branded content, making it more mainstream.

Tech needs content and content needs tech

Did the tech and journalism feud come to a head in 2015? No. Despite early warning signs such as the controversy surrounding a New Yorker profile on a tech/website entrepreneur, tech and editorial never really came to blows (other than the blow up and rebuild of The New Republic). Meanwhile, The Washington Post is thriving under Jeff Bezos’ command.

In 2015, Twitter, Apple, and Snapchat began to hire journalists, editors, and content analysts to help build the media side of their tech brand. There was more emphasis from tech companies to reach out to those with editorial experience to develop their apps, side by side. Unfortunately, plenty of publications suffered from ad block this year as tech companies paid ad block carriers to display their ads, but you can’t win ‘em all (especially if you’re a publisher).

Like we said, 2015 was a quiet year for content marketing, but one filled with intrigue, promise, growth, and experimentation. The next year is bound to make some more noise for content marketing. (Speaking of, check out these podcasts you should be listening to in the new year).

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  • The Marketing Companion

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    _The Marketing Companion_, according to fans is "the equivalent of a Snicker’s bar wrapped in bacon. Satisfying, interesting, and leaves you wanting more.” Hosted by Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster, this podcast tackles content marketing, business, social media, tech and digital marketing in 30 minutes of less.

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