Blog update: we’re guest blogging for other sites

We have an exciting announcement today. We started this blog to show the digital publishing community our thoughts and ideas on the current state of publishing and it’s future. That future is really bright and we’ve written tons of blog posts sharing our insights.

Today, we are expanding our online presence as a thought leader in online publishing by guest blogging for The Write Life, a site for writers about the art and business of writing. The post “Freelancing is a Real Job: Tips for Responding to Critics and Skeptics” was written by our very own Emily Steck about how and why freelancing is an untraditional, but meaningful employment.

As we progress as a company (and rack up more blog posts) we’ll have even more thought leadership opportunities available to us. We also have other guest blogging opportunities in the works so stay tuned and thanks for the support!

Image credit: Nathan via Flickr

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