Introducing Quietly Insights

As a premium content marketing agency, we’ve worked with a variety of organizations to deliver results on many business objectives. From consulting on existing content marketing efforts and performance to designing measurement frameworks and building publications from the ground up, we are the experts in all things content.

Through our numerous partnerships, we’ve realized that getting a handle on content marketing performance is no easy task. Most web analytics platforms aren’t built with content in mind, making it difficult to understand how to measure success and understand reader behavior. Does a high average time on page really show that visitors are engaged? What about a high bounce rate—is it always a bad thing?

Because of this confusion and complexity, we are excited to announce the first release of Quietly Insights—our brand new content marketing reporting software.

What is Quietly Insights?

We built Quietly Insights to help marketers better understand the value of their content. Our software analyzes key top-, middle-, and bottom-of-funnel metrics from multiple data sources—including web, social, and reader engagement data—and uses this information to provide a clear explanation of content performance. These invaluable insights are then packaged into monthly reports and weekly snapshots that are delivered straight to your inbox, allowing you to quickly and proficiently evaluate your content marketing efforts.

What can Quietly Insights do?

Curated content marketing metrics

The data in Quietly Insights reports was specifically chosen by Quietly’s team of expert content strategists. Instead of digging through analytics software to figure out what metrics to track, Quietly Insights automatically analyzes relevant data so you can measure content performance at each stage of the funnel.

Competitive monitoring

You can never know too much about your competition. Quietly Insights can assess your competitors to give you a greater understanding of where you sit in your industry’s landscape. Each report will provide you with detailed information on your competitors’ most popular stories as well as the platforms on which they experience the most success.

Proprietary on-page metrics

Instead of solely relying on metrics like pageviews or average time on page, Quietly Insights’ proprietary metrics provide you with detailed on-page behavioural data, which will help you to better understand the engagement and evaluate the effectiveness of your content. If you’ve ever wondered whether visitors actually finish reading your blog posts, or have tried to figure out where to place your calls to action, Quietly Insights’ metrics can give you visibility into what’s working and what’s not.

Beyond reporting

On top of all this, Quietly Insights adds, well, insight, into your monthly reports to better help you understand what each metric means. For example, rather than just showing you the number of goals completed this month, Quietly Insights looks at the bigger picture and compares your conversion rate against your users to see whether you’re attracting the right kinds of readers.

Get started

At Quietly, we understand that creating content that performs can be complex business. It was this challenge that drove us to create Quietly Insights: content software built by content marketers, for content marketers. Quietly Insights was designed to make understanding your data simple and straightforward, allowing you to craft compelling, engaging and innovative content with confidence.

Creating great content begins with knowing what works. Understand and deliver better content marketing for $6.95 a month.

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