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Earlier this year, we launched Quietly Insights to help marketers more easily understand their content marketing data. Since our launch back in January, we’ve been working quietly behind the scenes (pardon the pun) to make some significant improvements to Quietly Insights. We’re excited to announce that Quietly Insights now also makes it easier than ever to take action on your content marketing data by predicting and recommending content ideas that work. Here’s an overview of some of the new features that are now available on Quietly Insights.

Recommended content ideas

By analyzing the performance of your content, Quietly Insights will predict which content ideas are likely to achieve your content marketing goals. In addition to this, Quietly Insights monitors your competitors, analyzes their content performance, and identifies content opportunities—ideas that you haven’t tried, but that have been proven to be effective for competitors. Armed with these recommendations, you can confidently create content that meets your KPIs, whether that’s reaching a wider audience, engaging your readers, or converting your visitors.

Code-free conversions

To know which content ideas convert, you need clear conversions. Typically, setting up goals or conversions gets complicated really fast—that’s why we built code-free conversions. With code-free conversions, you can implement your goals and conversions, whether you’re measuring clicks to your product pages or lead form submissions, without touching a line of code—everything can be managed within Quietly Insights.

Better yet, for goals set up using code-free conversions, Quietly Insights will determine which pieces of content contributed to each conversion and calculate a conversion score, so you know which pieces of content are most effective at converting your visitors, and determine your content marketing ROI.

There’s much more to Quietly Insights than what we can cover in this blog post—we still include convenient reporting, proprietary metrics, and competitive monitoring with this update.

Get actionable recommendations, free

One final announcement: we’ve added a free tier to Quietly Insights. All the features (and more!) mentioned in this post are available for free. As more brands see how content can drive their business, and the competition intensifies, content marketing can no longer be an afterthought.

We know that creating content that performs can be challenging. Quietly Insights is built to streamline your content marketing so you can stop worrying about crunching numbers and focus on building and executing an effective content marketing strategy.

Understand how Quietly can help play a role in your content marketing efforts.

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