Quietly wins CMI award for Best Use of Whitepapers


Quietly wins CMI award for Best Use of Whitepapers

Honored for “One Minute Whitepaper” series in Content Marketing Awards


Vancouver, BC, Canada: Quietly, a full-service content marketing agency, has taken home top honors in the Best Use of Whitepapers category at the Content Marketing Institute’s 2019 Content Marketing Awards. The agency’s One Minute Whitepaper series, for leading identity solutions company, Okta, beat out a wide spread of competitors in the content marketing industry’s premiere awards program.

Sean Tyson, Chief Strategy Officer, Quietly, shares: “This award is a great recognition for the amazing team we have at Quietly. We love helping our partners achieve their business goals by leveraging data-driven insights to better understand the most effective content strategies for their businesses. We’re excited to continue helping Okta discover new strategies that can contribute to their incredible growth.”

The origin of the One Minute Whitepaper series started when Okta was looking for a unique, more digestible method to provide whitepaper information to their technical B2B audience. Quietly developed a smaller-scale, infographic-based version: the One Minute Whitepaper which meets the needs of Okta’s busy yet discerning senior audience by:

  • Providing a snapshot of essential statistics,
  • Creating a summarized version of key insights, and
  • Linking to the full whitepaper for those who want more detail.

These whitepapers are based on data and insights from a variety of sources, including Okta’s in-house surveys, interviews with key Okta stakeholders, and Quietly research. Okta reported their conversion rate from prospect to marketing qualified lead is three times higher than the industry average of 13 percent.

Adrienne Jones, Director, Demand Generation, Global Campaigns at Okta, explains: “With a conversion rate that is three times higher than industry averages, our One Minute Whitepapers are an important component of our demand generation engagement strategy. Pushing the limits of the whitepaper format, Quietly developed the concept for these assets to relay essential information to our target audience in a way that acknowledges their limited time and attention. And thanks to their strategic, evergreen nature, they have been leveraged across multiple key campaigns and channels. We fully see the ROI in these white papers and plan to continue using them to drive our sales pipeline.”

Quietly looks forward to building out the One Minute Whitepaper series further and expanding it to other mediums.



About Quietly: Quietly is an award-winning, full-service content marketing agency, working across the entire lifecycle of content, from discovery and strategy to production and distribution. Quietly partners with category leaders such as Adobe, Dell Technologies, Herschel, MEC, Okta, Sotheby’s International Realty, PwC, and Slack to understand how content drives their business, devising strategies and executing along the way.

About the Content Marketing Institute: The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) is the leading global content marketing education and training organization, teaching enterprise brands how to attract and retain customers through compelling, multichannel storytelling. CMI’s Content Marketing Awards is the largest and longest-running international content marketing awards program in the world.

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