Quietly’s year in review: 2014

We’re excited for what 2015 holds for Quietly and the publishing industry, but we’d like to take a moment to beam like a proud parent at all we accomplished in 2014—from building the product up to what it is today, to creating relationships with our publishing partners to create great content, to learning and experimenting with both. 2014 was great. And we’ll see to it that 2015 is better.

Powering content creation with multimedia support

We believe in content. It’s that simple. With our tech and publishing expertise, in 2014 we provided the tools and guidance to help consumers, writers, brands, publishers, and anyone left in between create and share great content. This plan will hold true well into 2015. Along with this, we’re helping more and more publishers and brands create the right content for them and their goals. With a focus on adding value through great articles, publishers are able to break into the world of content marketing and engage their readers with valuable information.

Our tools power content creation experiences for all types of content creators. This year, Quietly slideshows and items could be supplemented with hyperlinks, locations, videos and GIFs. Journalists rely on credibility of sources by hyperlinking and referencing additional content. Travel bloggers and writers add context and commentary to location guides and travel to-dos. While pop culturists or visual writers may want to include viral images, GIFs, and videos to create compelling and easily shareable lists. 

For the editorial teams of publishers we work with, we made content creation even easier. We upgraded the product, and improved the workflow for writers, editors and the whole team to keep everyone focused on the content. You no longer have to scour hours for that perfect, high-resolution commercially-licensed image. With our Flickr image grabber and Bing search tool, it takes just minutes to find great images, videos, and links. And we can help make content with publishers based on analytic performance that our team looks into.

We’re trying to make content creation simple and we’ve got the content creators, experience and tools to back it up.


Powering publishers

This year we had the privilege to work with some amazing publishers and content creators to strategize, draft, publish, and share content. Along the way, we saw their needs and turned them into realities.

We developed three display options to show off your content: the slideshow, map and media carousel. Within these displays, you can alter and change dimension sizes, brand colors, fonts, and other features before and while you embed using our new and improved WordPress plugin. We created options for better call to action on final slides, including recommended stories, email marketing, and social media engagement.

We’re happy to report that our marriage of innovation and experimentation with our publishing partners proved very successful.

During the course of our partnerships, we’ve helped The Stoner’s Cookbook increase their unique traffic by 1,100 percent, develop an engaged social audience, increase email signups, partner with brands to power their sponsored content, and grow into the world’s largest marijuana edibles community. We worked with Koreaboo for it to become one of the leading sources of Korean-pop news and increase its Alexa rating and social media engagement. Our partnership with Scuba Diver Life added over 80 evergreen stories to its inventory and our analytics help the editors understand what pieces of content excite their audience the most. For more information about our publishers, visit here.

We’re quietly powering publishers to create and share content they believe in without compromising editorial integrity. Our software, insights, and experiences are tuned into the concerns and practices of the publishing and tech worlds. We learned and accomplished so much in 2014. Here’s to all we’ll do in 2015.

Image credit: University Hall via New Old Stock

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