Publisher spotlight: Vancouver Is Awesome

Vancouver is an awesome place to live and Vancouver Is Awesome is doing an incredible job serving a reminder to its audience as to why. Using Quietly’s publishing tools, we’ve partnered together in order to provide compelling and visual content for Vancouverites. Focusing on hyper-local content surrounding arts, food, and culture, Vancouver Is Awesome is utilizing Quietly’s mobile and map features for city-based content for readers on-the-go. In only three months of working with Quietly, Vancouver Is Awesome doubled its traffic and revenue, and gained a better understanding of what exactly excites its readers.

“Quietly is the best thing to happen to us since Facebook. Such an excellent tool. It’s been pretty insane to see our traffic increase not only from the direction of the content but the way their software automatically optimizes it for SEO. We’re beginning to own certain search terms on Google and it’s largely due to them. I’m absolutely 110 percent standing behind the power of what this tool can offer publishers. It’s so awesome.”

Bob Kronbauer, President and Editor-In-Chief, Vancouver Is Awesome

One of Vancouver is Awesome’s more popular lists revolves around the great selection of craft breweries in our city. Be sure to scroll through the list below to see how seamlessly they use the map feature of our tool.

Image credit: Evan Leeson via Flickr

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