Introducing Quietly’s media carousel: flexible to every form of media

Up until now we have provided slideshows that accentuate content by combining text and images together. And of course, we’ve made it easy for users to include location information in those slideshows (our map view is awesome by the way). However, the format hasn’t been ideal for videos, animated GIFs, or for photos that you don’t want text appearing on top of—especially beautiful photos you’ve found on Flickr using our image finder feature.

Enter our media carousel, the newest type of slideshow from Quietly. It allows you to add the visual content you love without the text getting in the way. Like many traditional media carousels, readers can get the context of a description or caption above the associated media. And for those huge high-res photos or HD videos you chose to include in your slideshow, treat your readers by allowing them to immerse themselves in fullscreen view.

With fullscreen view, you can admire large, high-res photos. Look at Jon Hamm in all his beautifulness.

The area dedicated to showcasing your images now expands, depending on the size and orientation of the photo, to show the media in its highest quality.

Here is how a vertical slideshow item would appear on your mobile device.

When customizing your slideshow to be embedded onto your website, select the “Media Carousel” option.

Customizing the various aspects of your slideshow is easy. Here are a few new and notable options that can ensure your Quietly carousel jives well with the rest of your website’s content:

  • Brand color to match your blog, website, or brand’s official colors perfectly
  • Text color refers to description text in your list
  • Text description background color refers to the accompanying background for your carefully crafted text descriptions
  • Media background refers to the background behind the media (i.e., photos, videos, etc.) when the carousel is viewed in full screen

The next time you create a slideshow featuring different forms of media, be sure to select this new type!

Image credit: Flickr

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